At Code Bootcamp, we firmly believe that the best way to learn is by doing. While there will be a significant instructor-led learning, the bulk of this course will be highly interactive programming and development projects. This course is divided into three distinct sections, each one month in duration.

Section 1

In the first section, we’ll spend roughly half of our time learning the basics of web development and spend significant time each day doing simple, iterative programming and web development projects. We’ll learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and MySQL and the trimester will culminate in the development of a professional portfolio website accessible at your own personalized domain name.

Section 2

In the second section, you’ll work on individual projects that will feed into your portfolio and showcase your unique talents and capabilities while learning the skills that go into designing, developing, and launching full-featured web applications.

Section 3

In the third and final section, you’ll join a few other classmates and tackle one big group application. In this trimester, we’ll dive deep into topics like “how to work with a team”, “project management”, “design document creation”, and “managing complex project schedules.”  At the end of this trimester, you’ll have a full-featured group application that you and your teammates can be proud to show off to potential employers.

The Job Fair

This program is designed to get you new, meaningful employment as a web developer. We’ll end this course on a high note with a job fair to show off your work and engage with potential local employers.